We build and fund culture-defining companies.

Backed by industry-leading entrepreneurs and investors, Heretic Ventures builds companies at the intersection of culture, commerce, and creators, with a focus on using disruptive technology, like AI, to gain widespread adoption and lasting competitive advantage.

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Why Heretic: For Our Studio Team

As a member of the studio, you’ll participate in the ideation, evaluation, testing and formation of new companies

Work with a small but exceptionally talented group of colleagues and entrepreneurs moving quickly to prototype and test new business ideas - and if you fall in love with a particular portfolio company, you can decide to go all in and join that company.

Enjoy a diversified financial portfolio, including an ownership stake in all companies.

Why Heretic: For Founders

Find and help evolve great ideas. Tap the themes that we are exploring to build your ideas and to help make our concepts your own, in partnership with an experienced team and world-class advisor network.

Benefit from the studio team’s leadership experience, strategic thinking, and deep operating expertise in functions like design, product development, brand development and community building and management.

With day-one access to capital, venture support services, and comprehensive operating risk reviews, you’re free to truly consider entrepreneurship as an option and think big in a low risk environment.

Work at the forefront of technology. With access to a team of engineers, creative technologists, UX designers, data scientists, and AI/ML experts, we work with our founders to identify & build consumer applications at the leading edge of technology.

Guidance and mentorship from serial entrepreneurs with the track record of founding successful and enduring creative businesses.