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Heretic is looking for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future of media, social networks, and commerce.

We approach work daily with this framework:

  • Being with people we love to work with
  • Finding and leveraging the superpowers in our colleagues
  • Forming strong opinions, but holding them loosely
  • Doing the best work of our lives
  • Removing bias in decision making
  • Being courageous, humble and accountable

"As an intern I was given a lot of opportunity and responsibility…[Heretic] entrusted me with creating a smart contract that has facilitated millions of dollars worth of transactions."

My internship at Heretic Ventures was a really enriching experience! I wore many hats during my internship and made an impact across a wide range of projects. As an early stage venture firm, I got to influence the direction of the firm and build new software for portfolio companies, like creating a smart contract that has facilitated millions of dollars worth of transactions. Throughout my time, I got the chance to make significant contributions early on in a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work alongside industry leaders who consistently valued and appreciated my ideas. Operating at the frontier of emerging industries like generative AI, Heretic is a unique learning opportunity for anyone excited to enter these domains.

Whit Jackson

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We're always looking to connect with individuals considering starting businesses and are seeking promising spaces, strong ideas and highly experienced entrepreneurs as advisors. Don’t see the right open role, get in touch—we’d love to meet you.