Heretic Ventures was founded with a passion for pursuing culture-defining ideas and businesses. We recognize this moment as an inflection point where the lines between consumer and creator are blurred, and we aim to provide equitable opportunities to everyone in the creator economy ecosystem. We possess a relentless commitment to championing and protecting creators and other talent, giving everyone the opportunity to pursue their passions and thrive doing so.

We are focused on launching consumer-facing companies in the creator economy that gain widespread adoption. Our belief is that a company is born with DNA that has an outsized impact on its ultimate fate. Our aim is to found companies with as exceptional DNA as possible at inception—from defining a great brand and culture, to designing a business idea that creates structural advantages and an infinite source of growth.

In our companies, and in our studio, we strive for excellence and forward-thinking that challenges the status quo with new and creative ways to make an impact. We are fearless in championing new ideas, and unafraid of contrarian viewpoints. “That’s a bad space” or “people have tried that before and it didn’t work” are fuel to our collective heretical spirit, knowing there are always new and better paths to a positive end.

  • We believe talent comes in many forms and from unexpected places
  • We believe in building and telling stories that have lasting impact
  • We work to encourage true creative and other risk-taking
  • We want to reward creators and talent who take courageous risks, creating business platforms and intermediaries taking their fair share, not a disproportionate share, of gains
  • We believe we can create good in the world—and make the world fairer to those without systemic advantages
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