Creating a safe and welcoming community to learn about, collect, and enjoy fine art on the blockchain that bridge the digital and physical worlds.

Founded in 2022, the company raised $5M seed round in February 2023 from Patron, TTCER, and Heretic Ventures.

Chief Executive Officer

Susannah Maybank

Susannah's lifelong passion for art and art history led her to study art history and business. She started her career as a receptionist at the influential Gagosian Gallery in New York, rising to Head of Digital by pioneering the gallery's digital sales program.

Her foresight and strategic thinking led her to build programs at the gallery that could track secondary markets, market intelligence, and customer development. She knew that people would buy multi-million dollar artwork online if given the right tools and opportunity, leading to the launch of Tonic. Her goal is to bring art and artists to the world, creating meaningful and tangible experiences that bring joy to the masses, build community, and provide new lenses to widen worldviews.




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Tonic reimagines the art collectors’ experience and extends access to blockchain art beyond crypto-native consumers. The platform provides a safe space for consumers to learn about and collect generative fine art that bridges the digital and physical worlds. Its first three fine art auctions sold out, generating a total of over $4.2M in both primary and secondary GMV sales in less than three months. Its recent release, Strands of Solitude, from renowned, Parisian generative artist and coder William Mapan, is the second largest release of the year across the entire generative art market.
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